Truck Cartel Refund Experts - About us offers personalized damage claim service concerning the Truck Cartel.

We have always represented the injured parties and our concern is to ensure justice and compensation under civil law.

Our professional advisers offer the best solution for truck owners in order to receive the highest possible refund.

Our lawyers are experienced in the fields of bank law, stock exchange law, company law, investor protection, insolvency guidance and most importantly, antitrust cases. The success rate is over 90%.

What provides your protection and success in the claim?

  • litigation only against truck manufacturers, so your good relationship with your dealer is unharmed
  • personalized damage-claim service, we offer you the best solution in order to receive the highest possible refund
  • our law firm has been working on damage cases with high success rate, so experience and expertise will guide you through the refund process
  • our offer is completely risk-free (no win, no fee)
  • fees are deducted from the obtained refund, no hidden costs are incurred during the process whatsoever  

If you bought or leased new or used trucks (exceeding 6-ton total weight with a minimum value of 35.000 Euros) between 1997 and 2016 you are eligible for a refund.
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* by February of 2020

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Recover part of the purchase price paid for trucks during the Cartel Period